Google slams 'Sugar Daddy' apps

Google slams ‘Sugar Daddy’ apps

The tech giant has announced changes to its ‘Inappropriate Content Policy’

Google has announced changes to its Inappropriate Content Policy, for which it will ban applications in the Play Store that offer sex in exchange for some kind of gratification.

The changes in the Policy introduce new restrictions in relation to sexual content, which currently prohibits those applications that “include or promote sexual content or bad language” or “any content or service whose purpose is to provoke sexual pleasure”.

From September 1, Google will also ban apps of the Sugar Daddy type which promote sexual relations in exchange for some kind of gratification, as detailed by the company on its Support page.

It will also prohibit developers from including spam in the descriptions, information and other elements of the page of the applications that they have in the Play Store (from September 29), and in relation to its User Data Policy, it will not allow “persistent device identifiers are linked to personal and sensitive user data or device identifiers that can be changed” (from October 28).

Also from September 1, new limitations will be introduced to the identifiers that are used in children’s applications, within the Requirements of the Family Policy.

Rachel Maga
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