Google Pixel 6 could benefit from 5 years of software updates

Google Pixel 6 could benefit from 5 years of software updates

If a report from FrontPageTech is to be believed, the Google Pixel 6 could be offered with as many as five years of software updates.

In the world of smartphones, there are currently two main families, that of Apple with its iPhone and Android devices. The latter is much more varied. Google, for example, offers its own devices with its Pixel range. And it could be that the next generation is very interesting from a longevity point of view. Explanation.

A Google Pixel 6 with 5 years of software updates?

One of the downsides with Android smartphones is the management of software updates. Indeed, this depends entirely on the manufacturer of the telephone and the duration of support that it wishes to bring to such or such model.

The experiences are therefore very different depending on the brand and the model. That being said, it looks like there’s good news to come if you’re planning on giving the Google Pixel 6 a try.

This is what FrontPageTech announces

Indeed, according to a report from FrontPageTech, for its future Pixel 6 range, the Mountain View firm could begin to offer five years of software updates to its customers.

However, it should be clarified that the report in question only mentions “software updates”. This one does not specify whether these are major Android updates or just security updates.

If this is the first option, this would place the Google Pixel smartphones on par with the Apple iPhones, the Cupertino company offering for as many years access to its major updates of iOS to the old iPhones.

If this is the second option, it is still a good thing, and a marked improvement over the current situation. Today, Google is offering three years, in total, of updates for its Pixels. And that includes both major Android updates and security updates.

Going to five years would be very welcome. That would mean Pixel owners could enjoy their devices for longer without having to worry that their data, or the device as a whole, could be compromised because security is no longer supported.

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