GMC unveils electric Hummer SUV, an 830-horsepower monster

GMC unveils electric Hummer SUV, an 830-horsepower monster

GMC, which today manufactures the vehicles of the Hummer brand, announces the imminent marketing of an all-electric Hummer SUV.

Electricity is making its revolution in all sectors of the automotive industry. Including, of course, the side of the huge 4 × 4 that Americans are so fond of. Today, GMC, current manager of the iconic brand Hummer, unveils a future electric Hummer SUV. A real monster, particularly of power.

GMC unveils all-electric Hummer SUV

The Hummer electric pickup won’t be the only GMC “supertruck” to arrive next fall. This Saturday, the American manufacturer unveiled the SUV variant, a model that further enriches the brand’s offer.

This five-seater Hummer SUV is expected to arrive in early 2023 with the 830-hp Edition 1. This would offer a range of around 480 km and could reach 60 miles per hour (96.56 km / h) in 3.5 seconds (half a second less than the pickup).

It would be offered at a price of $105,595. Its 20-module Ultium battery pack will easily propel the three motors distributed over the vehicle, it is compatible with 800 V charging, up to 300 kW. Side tires, it will be 22 inches as standard.

A monster of power that almost nothing can stop

An Edition 1 with the optional Extreme Off-Road pack will be offered at $110,595, with additional equipment, notably in terms of tires and integrating GM’s UltraVision camera system.

Edition 1 will be followed in spring 2023 by the EV3X at $99,995, with specs slightly below those of Edition 1. The EV2X, at $89,995, will also arrive in dealerships in spring 2023.

It will have 625 horsepower, with 33,000 Newtons of torque generated by a pair of motors and powered by a 20-module battery. No information regarding 0 to 100 km / h.

Then the EV2 will arrive, at $79,995, in spring 2024, with a range of 400 km, a 16-module 400 V battery. However, it will be possible to opt for the 800 V pack to regain a range of 480 km.

Much like the pickup, this Hummer electric SUV will feature Extraction Mode, which raises the chassis by 6 inches to help clear obstacles, GM SuperCruise’s autonomous driving system, four-wheel drive and CrabWalk, which allows the driver to move the vehicle at an angle without changing the direction the SUV is facing.

Pre-orders for the pickup and the SUV are already open on the GMC website. And we should have more information this Monday, April 5 regarding the different features of these models.

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