The Polish company ChargeEuropa orders the first advertisements on 65-inch screens.

The idea of ​​free public charging is not new. And no, we are not talking about Tesla offering special conditions at certain times and to certain customers (basically theirs).

The concept is as follows: project advertising messages directly from a large screen kiosk and collect funds from companies that pay to be visible in a place for motorists.

Volta Charging already does this in the United States, and now ChargeEuropa, a company based in Warsaw, Poland, known until recently as ChargePolska, which, even with the name change, shows that it has elevated its focus from a national level to a broader one.

Everything revolves around the ads

The Polish company, which installed the first pilot charging stations in Warsaw in July, has announced its goal of having 1,000 active charging points in two years. The concept, as mentioned, is to use advertising revenue both to support infrastructure expansion and to give motorists the opportunity to charge without paying.

In a statement, ChargeEurope even defines “advertising as the secret ingredient to build profitable charging networks in cities”. However, true to its convictions, the company has created charging stations with a 65-inch screen and claims to have already established partnerships with the likes of Netflix, BMW and Opel.

Not only Europe

Pending the technical specifications of the ChargeEuropa charging points, which are expected to provide a maximum power of 22 kW, the company explains that this business model can facilitate the creation of a recharging network without the need for large investments by part of public administrations or companies operating in this sector.

“Through advertising,” said Matt Tymowsky, CEO of ChargeEuropa, “we are opening up new horizons for expansion of a charging network. With our charging stations, there will be players like shops and malls that will feel more inclined to install recharging stations, and the same will happen with businesses with liquidity problems, all because there will be more monetization than sale of electricity”.

ChargeEurope intends to expand this model throughout the world and says that it is currently landing in other cities of the Old Continent, as well as in Asia and Latin America.

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