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Former Vlocity CEO David Schumeyer Promoted to Salesforce President and CPO

In 2020, I posted an article that Salesforce’s acquisition of a mature enterprise company is not only for new technology, but also for securing talented executives. As if to prove my point, Salesforce announced on February 1st that Vlocity CEO David Schmaier has been promoted to President and CPO.

In 2020, Salesforce acquired Vlocity, which was founded by Schumeyer, for $ 1.33 billion, when he joined Salesforce. The two companies seemed to be a good combination. Vlocity was selling Salesforce solutions for specific industries such as financial services, healthcare, energy, public sector and government, and NPOs.

As a result, Mr. Schumeier became familiar with Salesforce’s products and companies. In June 2020, he was appointed CEO of Salesforce Industries. This division was established after the acquisition of Vlocity. As he told me when he was appointed in 2020, the connection was clear.

Mr. Schumeyer said: “I’ve been involved in a variety of mergers and acquisitions over a career of over 30 years. This acquisition is the most unique I’ve seen. We have six industry applications on the Salesforce platform. Because we’ve built it, the product is already 100% integrated, which means that the product is already 100% Salesforce, so it will be simpler in the future. “

CRM Essentials founder and principal analyst Brent Leary said the promotion was a natural move given the direction of Salesforce and the industry, given how Schumeier created Vlocity. Says that. “In the last few years, the development of industry-specific solutions has become important to the big players in this area,” Liary told me. Schumeier’s promotion is to create a vertical market as a Salesforce platform. It shows how important it is to the future. ”

In a Q & A on the Salesforce website about the promotion, Schumeier talks about the challenges companies faced in 2020. “There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year. We are doing business in this world where we can work all digitally wherever we are, and things will not and should return to the old world. No. There are bright signs of what a company can do in the absence of alternatives. It is imperative that companies connect with their customers in a completely different way. ”

It will be Shumeier’s job in a new position to figure out how Salesforce can help those companies.

It’s worth noting that there have been some recent changes to Salesforce management. It was also announced on February 1st that long-time CFO Mark Hawkins had retired. The company’s chief legal officer, Amy Weaver, will replace it. The week before, Clara Shih, co-founder and CEO of Hearsay Social, joined Salesforce Service Cloud.


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