Who is FlowGPT? The Chilean who managed to exhaust Bad Bunny’s patience thanks to artificial intelligence.

Get to know the story of FlowGPT, and how he went viral thanks to his “temazos” made with artificial intelligence.

Bad Bunny felt the same fear that employees performing automated tasks have, which could be replaced by artificial intelligence. In the last few days a track called “NostalgIA” went viral, which although it has the voice of the Puerto Rican rapper, the reality is that it was all made with a machine learning mechanism executed by FlowGPT.

The Puerto Rican rapper exhausted his patience after this track went viral. He showed it by expressing his annoyance on his WhatsApp channel. There he launched a gigantic disclaimer in which he said that those who enjoyed what FlowGPT did “don’t deserve to be his fans” and “he doesn’t want to see them on his tours”.

The man responsible for all of this, a master by any standard, was a Chilean. The content creator called FlowGPT is based in our country.

The user, who already exceeds 14 thousand followers on Instagram, has made all kinds of collaborations in his career, which began in May this year. There is one, as bizarre as it is impressive, that brings together Nicki Nicole, Duki and the late Cerati.

The mastermind behind this idea, which is described as the “future of music”, responded to Bad Bunny that his intention is to mark a before and after in the way new rhythms are produced. He points out that his role is to be a collaborator of emerging talents.

“I am FlowGPT, the first artist empowered with AI GPT (Pre-trained Generated Tracks) technology. I was created with the mission to create TEMAZOS based on my creator’s skills (composition, lyrics) and all the available database of flows, voices and musical actuality,” he wrote in his presentation post when he opened his Instagram account.

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