Firefox is getting a makeover today. Besides the design itself, Mozilla wants a browser that distracts you less and gets you straight to the point. Here are the changes.

Web browsers are real Swiss knives today. Some spend their days there. It must be said that over the years, their functionality has greatly extended, and with the support for extensions, the possibilities are endless, or almost. Firefox is getting a little makeover today. Here are the changes.

Firefox is getting a makeover

In the end, it does not happen very often that web browsers rework their design in depth. The latest version of Firefox tackles this and Mozilla claims it has become obsessed with reducing “distractions, unnecessary clicks and wasted time”.

One of the things that you will notice with this new version is that notifications take up less space. You will also see fewer alerts and messages and when these do appear Mozilla will display a “clean and clear” design and language to make them less obnoxious.

With the aim of distracting you less and making you more efficient

As part of this redesign, the tabs have also been reworked. These now sport a curved look and appear to float slightly above the menu bar. Mozilla did this to encourage users to rearrange them however they want.

The active tab will be slightly brighter than the others. And to eliminate distractions, the company has also made the feature to mute or activate more accessible. Now all you have to do is click or tap on the tab in question.

Mozilla has also simplified the toolbar and menus. The company explains that it has consolidated the additional menus to organize all this and place the most used actions where they are most accessible. Additionally, the shield icon in the URL bar will now glow to indicate that Firefox’s enhanced privacy protections are enabled.

In this regard, Mozilla has also changed things a bit. The Full Cookie Protection feature is now enabled by default when using this tool. This means that Firefox will store all cookies separately so that the sites you visit cannot share the information.

On iOS, Mozilla has paid special attention to reducing the number of steps required to achieve certain important features. As the company explains, the browser is your window to the Internet. You might not be there to really see it, but having the browser can dramatically improve or degrade the surfing experience.

Microsoft and Google are continually working to refine theirs. You can download the latest version of Firefox for desktop, Android and iOS.

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