'FanFan', an app that restores fan noise to a quiet M1 Mac

‘FanFan’, an app that restores fan noise to a quiet M1 Mac

MacBook Air and 24-inch iMac equipped with Apple’s original M1 chip have excellent power saving performance and almost no overheating, so even if the model is equipped with a cooling fan, there is almost no fan noise.

People who have used the lively air-stirring sound as a substitute for BGM may feel uncomfortable, but the app “FanFan” that restores the fan’s sound to the M1 Mac has been released for free.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the evolution of the Mac was accompanied by quieter operation, and for a while after the MacBook Pro released in October 2016, the startup sound of “jaan” did not sound.

However, it’s better to have a moderate amount of noise in an environment that is too quiet. Maybe it’s because of complaints that it’s not kind to the mind (unconfirmed), and in macOS Big Sur 11 and later, it has been changed so that the user can decide whether to make a sound at startup.

By the way, the newly released Mac application “FanFan” uses the latest fan simulation engine (patent pending). It is said that this will bring back the healing sound for fans (humans) to the Apple Silicon Mac.

There are no special setting items in this application, and at first glance it seems that you can just play the fan’s sound with a music player.

However, when I installed FanFan on a Mac with an Intel chip and started it, it said “I don’t need it because your Mac already has enough fan noise on its own,” and started it. It shows the kindness to refrain from.

Intel Mac Detected

It’s a shame for those who want to double the sound of the current Intel Mac fans and want to bathe in the whole body, but if you’re uncomfortable with the quietness of the Apple Silicon Mac, you can try it. It looks like it.

Rachel Maga
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