Facebook: AI detected 97% of Hate Speech before Users reported it

Facebook: AI detected 97% of Hate Speech before Users reported it

Facebook’s AI is making some headway. Since 2017, the number of hate postings that could be automatically deleted has increased by a full 24 percent.

Thus, in the last quarter of 2020, 97 percent of hate speech was removed before a user could report it. The context in which they were written is particularly important when recognizing such contributions.

The technicians from Facebook have put a lot of work into ensuring that their AI also takes the various contexts into account. Another point is speech recognition.

Improvements for languages ​​like Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic have increased the number of remote hate postings from 22.1 million to 26.9 million within a quarter.

Thus, Facebook got 7-8 views of hate postings per 10,000 views in total. Also pornographic articles or images glorifying violence were a lot less to be found on the site.

Overall, Facebook removed in the last section of 2020:

  • 6.3 million posts due to bullying
  • 6.4 million posts of organized hatred
  • 26.9 million hate speech
  • 2.5 million suicidal contributions

For 2021, Facebook plans to make its various systems more transparent so that they are easier to understand. In addition, contexts in different languages ​​are to be examined in more detail.

Brent Dubin
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