Internet Explorer had reached a dead end, Microsoft had to start from scratch for its web browser. What the giant has done with Microsoft Edge. Today, a new step has been taken.

Microsoft Edge has been in place for a few years now and its history was notably marked by the existence of two long distance versions. When it was launched, the browser was based on an engine specific to the Redmond firm. A version that did not really please and which was quickly replaced by the current one, based on the Chromium engine – borrowed in particular from Google Chrome. and today, this original version of Edge is now abandoned by Microsoft.

Microsoft ceases support for the first version of Edge

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, the American giant also introduced a brand new browser, Edge, a new departure from Internet Explorer, Windows’ lifelong companion. That being said, Edge has not been very successful, to say the least, at least in this precise version. Shortly after introducing it, Microsoft released a brand new version, an Edge based on the Chromium engine, to replace the first version.

Update to Chromium-based version is needed

Today, those who have not yet switched to this new version will soon no longer have a choice. Indeed, Microsoft has officially put an end to support for the original version of Edge. In other words, the software will no longer receive any security updates. Continuing to use it would make your machine vulnerable.

Please note, whatever the reason for not performing this update, the Windows 10 update expected for April will automatically uninstall this original version of Edge to replace it with the new one based on Chromium. In other words, whether or not you want to upgrade to this new version, in April, you will have no choice.

This new version of Microsoft Edge has been very well received by critics, it is doing much better in terms of performance and the fact that it is compatible with the same extensions of Google Chrome greatly simplifies the transition for users.

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