The businessman wants to create his own ChatGPT.

Elon Musk wants to enter the world of artificial intelligencefor which the billionaire would form a work team to create a tool that would compete ChatGPT.

According informationthe Twitter CEO has reportedly already approached Igor Babuschkinun, a researcher who recently left Google’s DeepMind unit, to bring him to this project, which aims to create an AI lab.

The researcher told the outlet that this whole plan is in a very early stage of development and there are still no concrete ideas for a specific product. He also did not accept Musk’s proposal, although he would like to work with him.

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Since the growing trend of this chatbot to create texts, the leader of Tesla has criticized its operation and regulation via his Twitter account.

Some of his remarks were directed against Sam Altman, director of OpenIA, the company in charge of this artificial intelligence, assuring that “ChatGPT it’s terribly good. We are not far from a dangerously powerful AI.

The businessman forms a work team to have his own chatbot.
The businessman forms a work team to have his own chatbot.

Then he again drew attention to the risks of the progress of these technologies. “The danger of training the AI ​​to wake up, in other words to lie, is deadly,” he posted on his profile.

Criticism has widened against OpenIA, a company he helped found and which he says changed his mind after deals with bigger companies.

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“OpenAI was created as a not-for-profit Open Source company (that’s why I called it ‘Open AI’) to act as a counterweight to Google, but it has now become a closed, controlled for-profit company by Microsoft. That’s not what I wanted at all,” the billionaire said.

His speech against the chatbot and the company was insistent, to the point of asking for a regulation of these tools because of the dangers they can represent, due to the few regulations that currently exist.

“The challenge here is that regulation tends to be put in place in reaction to a serious event. But if something bad happens with AI, the reaction from a regulatory perspective can be very slow,” Musk said.

This whole panorama suggests why the Twitter CEO wants to enter the AI ​​game with his own platform and technology, although Babuschkinun insisted that this plan is not intended to compete ChatGPT.

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The businessman forms a work team to have his own chatbot.
The businessman forms a work team to have his own chatbot.

Twitter, which since its takeover by the mogul Elon Musk saw its staff reduced to a quarter of what it was a year ago, it undertook a new round of layoffs over the weekend that affected 10% of the remaining 2,000 workers, he said reported Monday The New York Times.

The newspaper, which compared the information with several of those affected, points out that the layoffs began on Saturday evening and ended on Sunday, after several days in which some employees began to see their accounts with the internal messaging service Slack or private from their corporate accounts or from their laptops.

Among those affected are digital data experts, production managers and engineers responsible for setting up algorithms or maintaining the various Twitter applications.

In addition, the group includes creators of small technology companies absorbed by Twitter at the time, such as Eshter Crawford, creator of Squat (video chat application), and Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder of Uono, a digital design studio.

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