SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has booked a space travel ticket for Virgin Galactic, which made a successful test flight with Sir Richard Branson. Musk is likely to follow Sir Branson, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos into space. Virgin Galactic will begin full-scale commercialization in early 2022 if the final test flight scheduled for this fall is completed successfully.

Sir Branson, who experienced the first space, told The Sunday Times that Mr. Musk has deposited a $10,000 deposit for a future flight seat, although he doesn’t know when. By the way, you need $250,000 to buy a ticket.

Sir Branson posted a two-shot photo with Mr. Musk on SNS on the morning of his journey to space. He also commented on The Sunday Times, “I’m a friend of Earon and may eventually travel on his ship.”

In addition to delivering crew members to the Moon and Mars, SpaceX’s Starship concept also includes a route rocket-like operation that connects major cities around the world via space in a very short time. Therefore, Mr. Branson’s remarks are by no means an illusion.

It may be said that 2021 is the year when anyone can go to space “with money”. Next week, on July 20th, the same as Apollo 11’s lunar landing, Jeff Bezos will be out in space (above the Karman line 100km above the ground) on his Blue Origin-launched New Shepard.

The spacecraft includes Bezos’ younger brother Mark, Wally Funk, who participated in the 1961s (and canceled) female astronaut program, and another boarding pass for $ 28 million. The mysterious person who won the prize will board as a passenger.

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