Edge Is Updated and Now Offers a Free Vpn From Cloudflare

Edge Is Updated and Now Offers a Free Vpn From Cloudflare

Microsoft announced a few days ago that it has reached a collaboration agreement with Cloudflare , the renowned network security company, to offer Edge users the VPN tool integrated into the browser settings. Many Chromium-based browsers already offer this possibility, but it could finally reach the Redmond signature application.

This new feature will come to provide users with an extra layer of protection while browsing the web, in addition to reinforcing the company’s plans to invest in browser security.

When the “Edge secure network” is activated , all the data sent by the computer navigates through a protected tunnel with a function that encrypts the information and prevents hackers from intercepting the data even on web pages that use the HTTP protocol.

The use of VPN is recommended when connecting to wireless networks in public places, as these connections are more vulnerable to being attacked and intercepted by hackers.

Microsoft claims that the Cloudflare VPN on Edge offers users 1 GB of free monthly quota, as long as they sign in with their Microsoft account. Currently, this feature is only available in the United States, but the company is already contemplating a much larger expansion to make it available to more users.

Rachel Maga
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