Does Android 12 support Screen Reduction Mode and Screen Rotation with Face Recognition?

Does Android 12 support Screen Reduction Mode and Screen Rotation with Face Recognition?

As usual, it has been reported that Android 12, which will be released later this year, will have new features such as a screen reduction function and a screen rotation function based on face recognition on Pixel smartphones.

According to 9to5Google, a tech site, the screen reduction function of Android 12 supports one-handed operation by reducing the screen vertically.

The screen reduction function has already been implemented independently by some smartphone makers, but it seems that Android 12 reduces only the vertical direction, while other companies reduce both the vertical and horizontal directions. It is also reported that this feature can be customized by the manufacturer.

Hand gestures such as swiping to the bottom corner of the screen are used to shift to the screen reduction mode, and tapping the outside of the reduced screen or automatic termination due to a timeout can also be used to shift to the normal screen.

In addition, the screen reduction mode automatically ends when the keyboard is opened, and it is also possible to set whether to end the mode when switching apps.

On the screen by face recognition on the Pixel smartphone, you can take a picture of the face with the front camera as an optional function and automatically switch the screen orientation. This is a convenient function when the top and bottom of the terminal are not constant, such as when you lie down on the bed and lift the smartphone.

In Android 12, screenshots suggesting the inclusion of a privacy display have been leaked, and there are reports that it is called the internal code “Snow Cone (shaved ice)”. Android 12 is expected to have a developer preview at the end of February at the earliest, but it seems that many minor improvements will be added.

Source: 9to5Google.

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