Crescendo Music Notation Software

Music score writing and music composition program

Create, play and print beautiful sheet music

  • Makes it easy to compose regular sheet music notation, tab sheet music or percussion sheet music
  • Arrange your music into professional-quality sheet music
  • Composing music for film, band, score or any kind of creative project as a hobby

This program is perfect for composing your own songs, music, scores and soundtracks. , or use the Nezed Audio Transcription tool to transcribe recorded music and create sheet music arrangements of your favorite songs.

Crescendo, a simple and sensible notation of music scores, allows composers to compose music, save and print the finished song, all from the user’s computer. A variety of musical symbols, time signatures, and key signatures are provided with free-form layouts, giving composers optimal control in notating their arrangements.

By providing a vast variety of musical symbols, time signatures, and key signatures with free-form layouts, composers have optimal control over their music score creation and editing tasks.

Sheet Music Music Composer Program Features

  • Change key signature and time signature
  • Add whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, 16th, 32nd notes, and rests (from whole/whole rest to 32nd note/rest)
  • Writing sheet music in treble clef, bass clef, tenor and alto clef
  • Displays the name of a note within a note to help beginning musicians read sheet music
  • Write My Guitar Tab Sheet Music
  • Create sheet music for percussion instruments using drum kits and templates
  • Assign sharp, flat, and natural symbols to notes
  • Add seams and ties to connect notes
  • Create dotted notes, chords, dotted lines, and more

Composition program function

  • Toggling between notes and rests with a keyboard shortcut
  • Insert text related to title, tempo, dynamics, and lyrics
  • Drag notes to change pitch and place them
  • Easily insert music themes by copying, cutting and pasting bars
  • Edit easily using zoom in and zoom out
  • Compose a score for an ensemble by connecting the staves
  • Score notation input using a MIDI keyboard
  • Adding notes using the virtual piano keyboard

Preview and share your score

  • Listening to the music you’ve composed with MIDI playback or exporting it as a MIDI music file
  • Export scores in formats such as PDF, MIDI, MP3, WAV, TGA, JPG, PNG and more
  • Create and Play Other Tabs
  • Supports VSTi instruments such as piano or violin, for high-quality MIDI playback
  • Print and share your finished music project
  • Print blank music staff for transcribing by hand

Add lyrics

Add lyrics to your music bulletin using the lyrics tool.

Crescendo makes it easy for beginners as well as professional musicians to create music with a keyboard and mouse.

System requirements

  • Works on Windows 10 , XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 11
  • Available for 64 bit Windows
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and above
  • Runs on Android version 2.3.3 and higher


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