Cadillac unveils its future electric Celestiq at 0,000

Cadillac unveils its future electric Celestiq at $300,000

Cadillac is unveiling its ultra-luxury Celestiq electric sedan, a super-premium $300,000 model that won’t be available until 2025

If you have $300,000 to spend and don’t mind waiting several years for a luxury electric car, You might be interested in Cadillac Celestiq. The manufacturer has just lifted the veil on this highly anticipated vehicle for the very first time.

Cadillac unveils its ultra-luxury Celestiq electric sedan

Given its entry price, it’s no surprise to learn that Cadillac is positioning it as an “ultra-luxury” model. Although the brand hasn’t gone into too much detail about the specs of the vehicle yet, it did reveal some aspects of the sedan.

The Celestiq will offer hand-assembled materials, all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and GM’s next-generation Ultra Cruise driver assistance system. The powertrain will also come from the work of GM, it is Ultium technology.

The interior should offer a customizable experience for both driver and passengers. For example, the roof features “smart glass separated into four bezels”. The idea is that each person present in the vehicle can define their own level of transparency.

A very high-end model at $300,000 that won’t be available until 2025

There are also several screens in the cabin, including a 55-inch LED dashboard in total. Cadillac explains that it also integrates a functionality of “digital electronic blinds”.

These will allow the front passenger to watch videos without distracting the driver. There are also screens on the back of each front head restraint with a touchscreen console between the seats in each row.

Although the model unveiled by Cadillac is only a demonstration car, the final model will be very similar. According to Motor Authority, the Celestiq is expected to go on sale in 2024 for availability in 2025.

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