Bill Gates reveals “I like Android better than iPhone” and tells why-GLM

Bill Gates reveals “I like Android more than iPhone”

It’s been over a year since Microsoft ended support for its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile. At that time, I recommended switching to iOS or Android.

So which mobile OS do you prefer, iOS or Android? It’s not an official MS view, but the company’s co-founder Bill Gates said, “I like Android better,” and explains why.

Gates answered a variety of questions in an interview hosted by CNBC and The New York Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. It depends on the invitation-only chat service Clubhouse.

Sokin asked Gates, “Do you use your iPhone regularly or do you prefer iOS to Android?” Given that the current Clubhouse app is only available for iOS and iPad OS, this is a natural question.

Gates replied, “I actually use an Android smartphone.” “I often use an iPhone because I want to chase everything, but I usually carry an Android with me.”

When Sorkin asked, “Android vs. Apple. Is this religious?” Gates said:

Some Android makers have MS software pre-installed … they have more flexibility in how the software and operating system work together. So I got used to it.Many of my friends have an iPhone, so it’s not a religion

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison was also present there. Davison tells Gates and Sorkin that the Android app is the “top feature” the company is currently working on and is very excited.

Gates once recalled, “The biggest mistake was that MS couldn’t get the Android market.” Steve Ballmer, CEO of MS from 2000 to 2014 (Windows Mobile to Windows Phone in terms of mobile OS), regretted disregarding that “iPhone is too expensive to sell” However, Mr. Gates may have been watching over the failure of his successor with mixed feelings.

In any case, it’s possible that Gates’ finding out that he loves Android hastened the release of the Clubhouse app for Android.

Rachel Maga
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