Apple M1: Microsoft Edge Optimized in Beta

Apple M1: Microsoft Edge Optimized in Beta

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With the introduction of its M1 chip, Apple is asking application developers a lot of work to adapt their code to this new processor. Almost all of them are doing it.

Bringing a new “kind of” processor to market is not easy. You must first have technical knowledge to do it, obviously, but also and above all to take charge of the application ecosystem if you want developers and customers alike to be there. What Apple obviously wanted by introducing its Apple Silicon range with its first M1 chip. Developers work hard on the subject.

Microsoft Edge arrives in an optimized version for the Apple Mac M1

Thanks to Rosetta 2 translation software, Macs with an M1 chip can run software designed and designed for an x86 processor. Obviously, software designed natively for the M1 processor is still ideal, but this allows developers to have time to work on this optimized version. Some have wasted no time in doing this.

The browser goes into beta

Microsoft today announced that its Edge browser in its version optimized for the M1 platform – and all ARM chips in general – is available on the beta channel. So far, the Redmond firm had announced that the application was available on the dev channel. Going to the beta channel suggests that mainstream availability isn’t far off.

This could be a good alternative for those who don’t want to use Safari or Chrome. Microsoft has made a number of changes to its Edge browser since it was first revealed to the world. The latest versions are now built on Chromium, the same platform that Google uses for its Chrome browser, which means that the experiences offered by the two are not much different.

This also means that extensions available on Chrome should also be available on Edge. A good alternative, therefore, if you feel like a change. For interested Mac owners with an M1 chip, you can download this beta version directly from the Microsoft site.

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