Apple launches Online Portal for Activation Unlock Requests

Apple launches Online Portal for Activation Unlock Requests

Smartphones are sometimes very expensive devices. Fortunately, most have mechanisms to protect against theft, including remote locking.

Apple was one of the first to integrate protection mechanisms against loss or theft into its iPhones. Among these measures, we will mention the remote locking, making the device completely unusable by anyone who comes to get their hands on it. That being said, the process to regain control of it has so far been somewhat tedious. Here is a new, more modern option.

Apple launches portal to collect iPhone activation unlock requests

One of the cool features of iPhones is that in the event that you lose it or someone steals it from you, you can report it as such in iCloud. This means that anyone who recovers your device and tries to erase it will have to enter your Apple ID and password. A measure aimed at deterring potential thieves.

Easier than making a phone call or emailing Apple

But what if you need to turn off that Activation Lock? The answer is simple but ultimately complex to implement. You usually have to call or email Apple to initiate the process, which can be quite overwhelming. A post on Reddit reveals that Apple recently launched an online portal for users to request deactivations for their devices.

This may seem like a bad idea as the thieves in question could use this online platform to their advantage, but obviously users will need to provide a number of details to prove that they are the legitimate owners of device, such as date of purchase, location of purchase, and a photo or screenshot of the invoice. The process is more or less similar to what has existed until now except that you can now apply online directly rather than having to call someone or send an email.

Apple specifies that requests processed successfully will cause the data on the phone to be completely erased. In other words, make sure to back up your important data under all circumstances.

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