In iOS 16, Apple is still integrating new features to respect your privacy. Here are the four new features to use now.

Apple iOS 16 brings a number of new features and other changes to your iPhone, but not everything is necessarily visible. Fundamental principle for the Apple brand, privacy, and iOS 16 brings no less than four new features to further extend the protection of your privacy on the iPhone.

If you pay close attention to the contact data on your iPhone, you probably have lots of phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, nicknames and other personal data. When you share the contacts with others, all of this information is transmitted to them.

To avoid this, open the Contacts app and tap a contact. Scroll down and select “Share contact”, then “Filter fields” at the top of the sharing screen. You will then see checkboxes next to each piece of information. Uncheck the data you don’t want to share and tap “Done”.

When you share this contact, the fields you unchecked will be removed and the recipient will not see them. Unfortunately, you will have to perform this operation each time you share from your iPhone.

Better clipboard protection

Apps can no longer automatically access clipboard content. When you copy something from one app to another, you’ll always see a window asking if you want to allow the app to access your clipboard.

If you paste something manually, you should give this permission. In the past, rogue apps attempted to automatically grab anything that passed through your clipboard. Now you can deny clipboard permission to these apps…and uninstall them, to be sure!

A better way to hide your photos

The Photos app in iOS 16 is much better at hiding your photos. You will now need to enter your passcode or use Face ID or Touch ID to open Hidden and Recently Deleted albums in the app. This feature is enabled by default, so you don’t have to do anything to use it.

You can go one step further and completely hide the Hidden album. To do this, go to Settings > Photos and uncheck “Show Hidden album”. Your hidden photos will still be on the device, but the album won’t be visible in the Photos app.

Perform a regular security check

iOS 16 introduces a feature called Security Control, which allows you to quickly view the permissions granted to apps, remove access to shared data and change your Apple ID password. You can see this security check as a quick method to secure the data on your iPhone.

This feature is particularly useful for those whose security has been compromised or who have so-called “at risk” profiles.

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