Apple could launch a Virtual Reality Headset before its Augmented Reality Glasses

Apple could launch a Virtual Reality Headset before its Augmented Reality Glasses

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Virtual and augmented realities are two extremely promising technologies. We are only in their infancy but already the applications are immense. And the tech giants are present.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, two quite different technologies. And each now has supporters. Some tech giants have clearly shown their preference. Both should in any case be very present in the years to come. At Apple, it is the augmented reality that is privileged, the evidence of this affinity has multiplied for several years. This does not mean that virtual reality would not have its place within the apple brand.

What if Apple launched a virtual reality headset

When it comes to devices based on reality, Apple seems to have clearly opted for augmented reality (AR) while the competition like Valve or Facebook has turned to virtual reality (VR). That being said, it seems that the Cupertino company may decide to change its mind somewhat. At least that’s what emerges from a new Bloomberg article which claims that the American giant could launch its own virtual reality headset as early as next year.

According to the newspaper, Apple could launch a “high-end” VR headset in 2022, before launching its long-awaited augmented reality glasses. The report also suggests that the company does not expect this VR headset to be a commercial success, it would be more of a device for developers and early adopters.

Before marketing their augmented reality glasses?

Apparently, the goal of this VR headset would be to help the Cupertino company prepare the ground for its AR glasses. The helmet should also be very expensive, more than the models that are available on the market today, so much so that the Apple brand does not plan to sell more than 200,000 units per year.

Perhaps the idea behind this VR headset is simply to incorporate components that could be used in the glasses, this to operate a kind of life-size test, so that when the AR glasses are ready, the product is perfectly successful and that it be a commercial success. In any case, it will be interesting to see if this rumor is true. So far, in any case, we haven’t had any indication that Apple might be interested in VR. To be continued !

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