Apple seems to have lost the trust of users. Americans would trust Amazon and Google more

Apple has always tried to show itself as a company that makes privacy a priority. The Cupertino company has made numerous releases to this effect over the years and introduced dedicated features that may have embarrassed a number of other companies.

That being said, if a recent poll by The Washington Post is to be believed, it would appear to have had rather surprising consequences for the opinion of the American general public.

Apple seems to have lost the trust of users

The survey in question asked in particular American Internet users to assess the level of trust they place in a particular tech giant and web company. Companies like Google and Amazon have emerged in a better position than Apple.

For example, 48% of participants said they have a high or high level of trust in Google. Amazon is doing even better, with 53%. The Cupertino company, meanwhile, only comes in third place, with 44%, practically on a par with Microsoft (43%).

Americans would trust Amazon and Google more

As said in the preamble, these results are quite surprising insofar as it is known and recognized that Google collects the data of its users, whether it is the physical places where they go, the searches they carry out, the emails they send, etc. Apple, for its part, has implemented features in its products aimed precisely at concealing this information.

That being said, it is possible that the recent controversy initiated by Apple regarding its child pornography scanning tool could have seriously damaged the confidence that users have in the same, with some seeing it as the possibility of introducing a backdoor on iPhones, and therefore allow Apple to scrutinize the privacy of its users.

The American giant has since removed all mention of the project on its site – which, admittedly, does not mean that it has completely forgotten the idea – but it seems it is too late. The damage is done, and Apple should work hard to regain that lost trust.

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