Which Monster Hunter World gamer doesn’t know this? On the way to the mission giver, the game expert, the virtual scent of a sweet fruit or a juicy ham will lure you into the kitchen of the meuscular cook.

But as much as you long for the treat, biting into it is simply not an option, unless you want to decorate your controller or monitor with a pretty denture print.

Biting into it will continue to be a dream, but a professor from Japan has now presented the prototype of a screen that at least makes it possible to taste cyberfood.

You can just lick it like a lollipop. The device listens to the appropriate name Taste the TV, TTTV for short, as reported by Reuters.com. Equally bizarre: Apple has applied for a patent for an on-screen keyboard with haptic feedback.

How does the tasting monitor work?

In short: Amazingly simple. There are ten containers with different flavors behind the screen. To simulate the taste of a ham, for example, the aromas are combined in a specific arrangement and sprayed onto a hygienic film. The film will then run across the screen, ready to be licked off.

And what is that good for? Professor Homei Miyashita from Meji University in the Japanese capital Tokyo is of the opinion that technology can decisively improve the way we communicate with the outside world, especially at the time of the corona pandemic.

The aim is to enable people to have an experience that is similar to eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world, even though they are actually at home.

When can the tasting screen be expected?

It remains to be seen whether the TTTV will ever be available in prototype form. According to Professor Miyashita, applications that simplify learning for sommeliers and chefs over great distances are conceivable.

Should the TTTV ever really exist, the professor estimates the cost to the end user at 100,000 yen. That is the equivalent of around 770 euros.

Have you already got a taste for it? Do you find the idea exciting, or are you perhaps even disgusted with it? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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