A big update could arrive soon and come and change the entire iMessage platform. It could become much more social. Explanation.

There are many instant messaging platforms out there today. iMessage is Apple’s native solution. It does the job perfectly, it must be admitted, but the Cupertino company would like to improve the whole. A big update could come soon and change everything. Explanation.

Soon a big evolution for Apple iMessage?

Apple iMessage is quite a decent solution for iOS and macOS users to send each other messages, files, share any content, etc. Is this the best? Maybe not. And with Google pushing to introduce its RCS messages, it is very likely that iMessage is entitled to a big evolution.

Towards a more social platform, like WhatsApp?

In any case, this is what is whispered now. If we are to believe the invitations and certain information communicated by Apple for its WWDC 2021, it would seem that iMessage is entitled to a new version, which would be formalized during the event. But what novelties can we expect?

According to a Bloomberg article from last month, some of the changes could include the ability to use automatic replies to messages, the introduction of one-time notifications for Do Not Disturb and Sleep modes, as well as the arrival of some elements that would give iMessage the appearance of a social network, a bit like what Facebook’s WhatsApp offers.

This last point is interesting insofar as a more recent report suggested that Apple had practically bought out the DJ’s virtual battle platform, which would have helped the Cupertino company with its ambitions as a social network. WWDC 2021 kicks off next week, so we should have all the details very soon.

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