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5 Features Your Contract Management Software Must Have In 2022

The contract management tool you choose will impact your business in many ways. From helping you manage your contracts to giving you insight into the financial performance of your business, a good contract management system is a useful tool for any company. In this article, you shall learn some of the features necessary for successful contract management software solutions in 2022:

Cloud-Based Access

Cloud-based access is important because you can access your contract management system anywhere. You can work at home or on the go with this feature. You don’t have to worry about installing software on your computer anymore!

Contract Lifecycle Management

The contract lifecycle management feature is one of the most important features your contract management tool must have in 2022. Contracts are legal documents that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Managing relationships between parties (e.g., employees and vendors).
  • Managing expectations between parties (e.g., what will be done by whom and when it will be done).
  • Managing workflows between parties (e.g., who does what on which project).

Analytics, AI and Data Visualization

Making real-time decisions based on data is key to any contract management software. AI and machine learning can help companies make better decisions by providing insights into their business, allowing them to manage contracts and customer contracts.

Some companies already use AI in contract management as far back as 2015, when Salesforce launched its Einstein platform for predictive analytics. Since then, it has become an increasingly popular tool for managing contracts because of its ability to generate actionable insights from large volumes of data within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks—and it’s getting even better every day!

Workflow Automation

As a contract management system provider, you must provide clients with a robust and scalable solution. You should also ensure that it is easy to use and offers great user features.

This can be achieved by providing an AI-based workflow automation solution that will help you efficiently manage all the tasks involved in your projects.

The main goal of any contract management tool is to make it possible for employees or managers to perform their daily duties without hassle. This means they should be able to access relevant information quickly without having problems while working on different tasks related to these contracts.

Redlining and Negotiations

Redlining is marking up a document with changes. It can show where changes have been made in a contract or highlight any problem areas in your contract.

Redlining is often used by lawyers and other professionals who are required to create contracts for their clients. As such, you will find redlining tools available on most contract management platforms to quickly identify any problems or issues before signing off on your final agreement draft.

A good contract management system is a useful tool

It can help you manage contracts more efficiently, avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs, comply with regulations such as the EU’s GDPR or US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and even make it easier for your team members to access the information they need.

A good contract management system will also help you keep track of all your contracts in one place so that nothing falls through the cracks or gets lost when workers leave on vacation or are transferred between departments within your business.


A contract management system is a useful tool for any organization. It can help streamline processes, reduce costs, and even save lives by eliminating the need to send paperwork by mail.

In the future, it will be even more important to find ways to use technology to stay competitive and continue growing as an organization—so make sure your company has all the features necessary for success!

Rachel Maga
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