3 iOS 16 features that should arrive in 2023

3 iOS 16 features that should arrive in 2023

iPhone users await with great expectation the new functions that Apple could present this year and here we will tell you what are some of them

The millions of users who have an iPhone are currently waiting to find out what will be the new features of iOS 16 that Apple has prepared for this year. This is because it is customary for the brand to constantly launch new features that fit and improve the existing ones in its mobile operating system.

This year is expected to continue this trend and Apple will introduce a wide variety of new features to iOS 16 during the course of the year. Apple has already said that its plans include launching iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4, which are expected to arrive loaded with both new features and bug fixes that the company may have fixed.

At Globe Live Media we have compiled a list of some of the features that iOS users could enjoy this year:

1. Push Notifications

Apple announced some time ago that among its plans is to support push notifications natively. This implies that users will be able to receive alerts from websites directly on their cell phone.

This is a function that, in addition to arriving for iPhones, is also expected to be available for iPads, so that the Apple ecosystem continues to maintain the same features in terms of functionality.

2. Apple Pay Later

It is expected that soon Apple will include among the functions of iOS its new financing service that will allow users to make purchases and pay them in four interest-free installments.

Although it was announced in 2022, this new feature has not yet been officially released to the market. Everything indicates that Apple Pay Later will be included in the presentation of iOS 16.4, however, there is no confirmation in this regard yet.

3.Emergency SOS

Although the Emergency SOS service is already available in the United States, everything seems to indicate that Apple will extend it to a greater number of countries this year, which will allow those users who bought an iPhone 14 to get the most out of their equipment.

Rachel Maga
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