WOMEN’S FRENCH CUP – The players of Paris Saint-Germain beat the second division team of Yzeure by 8 goals to 0, Sunday in the final in Dijon. The Parisiennes, technically superior, thus saved their season with this third Cup, after their successes signed in 2010 and 2018. Here are the highlights of the meeting.

90th + 1 (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): This is the end of this meeting! PSG wins the Coupe de France against Yzeure (8-0). Ashley Lawrence (12th, 58th) and Sara Dabritz (13th, 72nd) scored a double, Marie-Antoinette Katoto a hat-trick (3rd, 7th, 31st), while Paulina Dudek also took part in the celebration (9th)
90th+1 (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Maelys Rousset replaces Dolores Tsadjia.
89th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): The players of Yzeure find themselves in front of the opposing penalty area, but they quickly lose the ball.

87th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Wanted on the left side, Sakina Karchaoui lacks control and the ball ends up in touch.
85th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): PSG spins the ball and manages quietly.
83rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Jordyn Huitema is countered and PSG obtains a new corner.
82nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): For Yzeure, Nesrine Barka replaces Tifanie De Sousa.
81st (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): A second change is preparing for Yzeure.
79th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): For the moment, none of the new Parisian entrants has yet found the fault.
77th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): PSG continue to put their foot on the ball, while there is time.
75th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Another cool break in this meeting… and the game can resume.
73rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): In Yzeure, Rahel Steinschneider replaces Mafille Woedikou.
72nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): And eight! At the entrance to the penalty area, Sara Dabritz deceives Taylor Beitz, with a cross shot from the left foot!
70th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): Yzeure should not delay before making his first changes.
68th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): PSG remains on its way and leaves only crumbs to its opponent.
66th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): After a good directed control, Jordyn Huitema takes his chance with the left foot, but his ball is captured by Taylor Beitz.
65th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): PSG has therefore changed its attacking trio. The score could still increase.
63rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): Triple change at PSG. Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Kadidiatou Diani and Ramona Bachmann are replaced by Jordyn Huitema, Sandy Baltimore and Estelle Cascarino.
62nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): First changes are being prepared.
60th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): At the entrance to the penalty area, Maelys Goumeziane takes his chance. Charlotte Voll can grab the ball. First shot on target by Yzeure.
59th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): And seven! At the entrance to the penalty area, Ashley Lawrence transplanted in the axis, before rolling up his shot with the left foot and scoring! Double for the Canadian!
57th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): The defense of Yzeure does not take any risks, and concedes a new corner.
55th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Ramona Bachmann takes care of a very well placed free kick, but her curled shot with the right foot does not surprise Taylor Beitz, who seizes the ball.
53rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Charlotte Voll captures the ball perfectly well, on this first corner from Yzeure.
52nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): 4,996 people took their seats in the stands.
50th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Marie-Antoinette Katoto, in the penalty area, takes her chance with a header, but her ball is caught by Taylor Beitz.
49th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): No change to report, at the break, on either side.
47th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): The post for PSG! In the penalty area, Grace Geyoro shoots, but her ball crashes into the post!
46th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Let’s go for the second period! The kick-off was given and Yzeure engaged.
45th + 2 (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): It’s halftime! PSG lead well against Yzeure (0-6), thanks to goals from Marie-Antoinette Katoto (3rd, 7th, 31st), Paulina Dudek (9th), Ashley Lawrence (11th) and Sara Dabritz (13th).
45th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): There will be one minute of additional time.
44th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Just before the break, PSG continues its momentum and tries to make the mark even worse.
42nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): From very far, Seynabou Mbengue chooses the strike, but it goes wide.
42nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): This corner is without danger for Yzeure, who emerges.
41st (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): PSG gets a new corner.
39th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): After 2010 and 2018, PSG will therefore win its third Coupe de France.
37th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): The Parisiennes do not let their opponents breathe, forced to stay in their camp.
35th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Yzeure can’t do anything and even loses the balls very quickly.
33rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Marie-Antoinette Katoto scores a hat-trick and there is still plenty of time to play!
31st (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): And six! Right side, Ashley Lawrence sends a center in front of the goal. Completely forgotten, Marie-Antoinette Katoto scores with a stung header!
29th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): Right side, in the penalty area, Kadidiatou Diani wants to serve a partner, but it’s unscrewed and Taylor Beitz lies down on the ball.
28th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): Sara Dabritz takes care of a very well placed free kick, but her shot with the left foot is perfectly stopped by Taylor Beitz.
26th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): The ball remains at the feet of the Parisiennes, who are installed in the opposing camp.
24th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): The game can now resume.
23rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): First cool break in this meeting.
22nd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): PSG get a new corner, but this time, Yzeure emerges.
21st (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): PSG manages quietly, without accelerating the game.
19th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): The Parisiennes continue to attack, to try to give a little more scope to this already wide score.
17th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): This meeting could be very long for Yzeure, who can only defend.
15th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): This is already the highest score in a women’s Coupe de France final.
13th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): And five! After a cross from Kadiatou Diani from the right, Sara Dabritz, in the penalty area, scores with the right foot!
11th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-4): And four! At the entrance to the penalty area, Ashley Lawrence, served by Sara Dabritz on a new corner, scores, with a very nice shot from the right foot, under the bar!
10th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-3): Seynabou Mbengue, in the penalty area, strikes, his ball flies above.
9th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-3): And three! On this new corner shot from right to left by Sara Dabritz, Paulina Dudek, in the penalty area, scores with her head!
8th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-2) : There is no comparison in this meeting. It may be long for Yzeure…
6th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-2): PSG takes the break! On a corner kick taken by Sara Dabritz, from right to left, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, arriving launched into the penalty area, scored twice, with a header!
4th (Yzeure – PSG: 0-1): Beitz can grab the ball and relaunch his own.
3rd (Yzeure – PSG: 0-1): Opener for PSG! After a cross from Ramona Bachmann from the left side, at close range, Marie-Antoinette Katoto scores with a header!
1st (Yzeure – PSG: 0-0): Grace Geyoro shoots, but her ball flies over.
1st (Yzeure – PSG: 0-0): Let’s go for the first period! The kick-off was given and PSG engaged.
6:10 p.m .: For its part, before reaching this final, PSG notably took out Dijon (0-0, 4-5 on pens) in the round of 16, Lyon (3-0) in the round of 16, Montpellier (1-3) in the quarter-finals, before Fleury 92 (2-4) in the semi-finals.
6:05 p.m .: Before reaching this final, Yzeure notably took out Toulouse (1-1, 5-4 on pens) in the round of 16, then Lille (1-1, 5-4 on pens) in the round of 16, Rodez (0 -1) in the quarter-finals, before dismissing Nantes (2-1) in the semi-finals.
6:00 p.m .: PSG, current second in the Division 1 standings, have won only two of their last six meetings, each time in the league. First on April 16 against Issy (6-1), then during his last outing, on May 7, on the lawn of Bordeaux (1-5). During this same period, in all competitions, the club also has two draws for two defeats.
5:55 p.m .: Yzeure, current third in Group B of Division 2, has won only one of his last four meetings. It was then in the league, on April 24, against Montauban (3-2). During this same period, still in the league, the rest of his record is a draw for also two defeats.
5:50 p.m .: The last confrontation between the two formations dates back to June 1, 2014. On the occasion of the 22nd day of Division 1, PSG then beat Yzeure (4-0).
5:45 p.m .: Here is the starting line-up of PSG, in 4-3-3: Voll – Lawrence, De Almeida, Dudek, Karchaoui – Fazer, Geyoro (c), Dabritz – Diani, Katoto , Bachmann.
Will take place on the bench: Picaud (g), Baltimore, Cascarino, Diallo, Huitema, Ildhusoy, Ilestedt.

5:40 p.m .: The compositions of the two teams have fallen. Here is that of Yzeure, in 4-1-4-1: Beitz – Surprised, Moreira, Manie (c), De Sousa – Tsadjia – Woedikou, Goumeziane, Ou Mahi, Seddaoui – Mbengue.
Will take place on the bench: Barka, Meilleroux, Rousset, Shtainshnaider, Cassagne.
5:35 p.m.: Hello everyone! Welcome to Eurosport.fr to follow the Yzeure – PSG match, final of the Women’s French Cup, live and in full. Kick-off is scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

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