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With the Colombian Leicy Santos, Atlético de Madrid won the Spanish Women’s Super Cup. Photo: Taken from the Atlético de Madrid Femenino Twitter @AtletiFemenino

The Atlético de Madrid players were crowned as super champions, after defeating Levante 3 goals to 0, in the final of the Spanish Women’s Super Cup that was played on Saturday in the stadium of the Mediterranean Games in the city of Almería, in southern Spain.

Colombian player Leicy Santos started the match in the mattress team, which dominated the game and easily beat its rival Almería.

The player from Lorica (Córdoba) played 57 minutes of the match, and executed the first shot at the goal of the mattress team in the 7th minute of the first half, when kicking in the area, although with little power, so the Levante goalkeeper, the Romanian Andreea Paraluta, saved with ease.

Subsequently, Levanté reacted and attempted a score with a shot on goal by French Sandie Toletti, who received the ball from a pass from Macedonian player Andonova Natasa.

However, Atleti regained control of the ball and in the 18th minute Venezuelan midfielder Deyna Castellanos scored the first goal.

The annotation lifted the spirits of the Madrid team, which he beat Levante, and in the 22nd minute Cameroon’s rookie midfielder, Njoya Ajara, finished with power to score the second goal, after a pass from Brazilian forward Ludmila da Silva.

Under pressure, Levante tried to surprise with a shot from player Andonova Natasa, in the 25th minute, which was saved by Swedish goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl of Atlético de Madrid.

But again, the mattress team regained dominance of the match and in the 32nd minute the Cameroonian Njoya Ajara scored her second goal, who again received the ball from a pass from the Brazilian player Ludmila da Silva.

With the third goal, the cup remained in the hands of the rojiblancas, who in the second half maintained control of the ball.

Yes In the 57th minute, Colombian player Leicy Santos was replaced by French midfielder Aminata Diallo, that two minutes later she was booked with a yellow card.

Although the rest of the game was under the domination of Atleti, Levante tried to obtain the goal with the shot of the Spanish Esther González, but it was deflected from the rojiblanco crossbar.

In the final 20 minutes, the intensity of the match lessened, although players Ludmila and Ajara tried to score.

This is how the mattresses were crowned champions of the Spanish Women’s Super Cup, a football competition that has been played since 2019 in the Iberian country and which faces the champions and runners-up of the Queen’s Cup, and the first two teams classified in the Women’s First Division League Championship.

Atlético de Madrid had just defeated Barcelona on penalties, in the game that they tied with a goal last Wednesday, January 13, also at the Mediterranean stadium in Almería.

In that match the Dutch Merel van Dongen scored for the mats, and the Spanish player Alexia Putellas for Barcelona.

The player from Lórica (Córdoba) was chosen by EFE as the best Latin American player in Spanish soccer.  Photo: Instagram by Leicy Santos @ leicysantos10
The player from Lórica (Córdoba) was chosen by EFE as the best Latin American player in Spanish soccer. Photo: Instagram by Leicy Santos @ leicysantos10

With the victory against Levante, Colombian player Leicy Santos was also crowned super champion with Atlético de Madrid, club that came after being champion with Santa Fe in Bogotá, in the first final of professional Colombian women’s football.

Her goals in Colombia had her on the radar of Spanish women’s football, and for her outstanding performances, with the rojiblancas, EFE awarded her the award as the most valuable Latin American player of the 2019-2020 season of Spanish women’s football.

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