Swiss Roger Federer is no longer the highest paid tennis player, now it is the Serbian tennis player who tops the Forbes list.

Tennis is the most practiced individual discipline around the world and this has left a great legacy in an economic way for the professionals of the white sport. It is not a secret that the purses that are distributed in the most important tournaments of the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) circuit, that is why the most important rackets of both branches can live comfortably throughout his career, as long as they have acceptable results.

Being a sport that is mostly practiced individually, it makes it remarkably expensive from the practice. Athletes not only have expenses in their equipment, trainers and nutritionists, but they also have to cover their transportation to different tournaments around the world. That is why they must have good sponsors so that despite not getting the desired results in their competitions, they can keep up with the same pace of life.

The Forbes tennis annual earnings list has a new leader and it is Novak Djokovic. He has an estimated $38.4 million (before taxes and other things) in the last year. There is no active player that equals his total, he has 13.4 MDD in prize money and 25 in sponsorships. Spanish tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz is not far behind the Serb. In the last 12 months he collected 31.4 MDD.

Roger Federer was the highest paid tennis player in the world since 2007. In September last year, the 42-year-old Swiss retired from the white sport, despite being out of the courts he is still getting paid. His inactivity has been the number one factor as to why Djokovic is now the highest earner in this discipline. Serena and Venus Williams were also not considered for this year’s highest paid tennis players ranking.

How much will the US Open champion earn? The US Open, the last Grand Slam of the year, is currently underway, marking the end of the four most important tournaments in the world of tennis. In this edition, the purse to be distributed is 65 million dollars, an increase of 8% compared to 2022. The champions in the men’s and women’s categories will win $3 million dollars.

  • Finalist $1,500,000
  • Semifinals $775,000
  • Quarterfinals $455,000
  • Fourth round $284,000
  • Third round $191,000
  • Second round $123,000
  • First round $81,500

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