Valencia's Supporters reject Gifts from the Club

Valencia’s Supporters reject Gifts from the Club

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Globe Live Media, Thursday, January 28, 2021

Valencia’s sporting crisis is also joined by the social crisis. Months ago, after the Agrupació de Penyes expressed its position against Lim’s management, the club decided to evict them from the premises they used as their social headquarters in the lower Mestalla. A place that inhabited since the time of Paco Roig as president. The point is that in the last weeks, the club has decided to try a rapprochement with the supporters clubs, and has been sending Valencia jerseys, personalized with the name of the club, and signed by all the members of the first template. And there have been a large number of clubs that have rejected the club’s present.

The president of the Association of Supporters Clubs, Fede Sagreras, said that a large number of supporters clubs have returned the gift to the club or have not taken the package that arrived by courier, as a measure of disapproval of Meriton’s management. Some examples this are Panama, Chescandinavia, Benaduf, Junts Tornem, Colmena-Finca Roja and Oliva Manolo Mestre. Further, the Betxí peña, for example, has included a letter with a return address to the president, Anil Murthy, on his return. “The clubs that return the shirt express their rejection of the club’s management. Many reject the package outright even though there are some presidents of peñas, among which I include myself, that they intend to go directly to the club to return the shirt“, explain Fede Sagreras, who points out that at the moment no gift from the club has arrived at his group.

In addition, there are two more clubs, which in addition to returning the club’s gift have expressed in networks their rejection of Meriton’s management and they have explained the reason for their return. The Peña of Valencia CF of Mexico last Tuesday he published a letter on social networks through his official twitter account: “If the Valencia board has to give gifts, they better use that money to strengthen the team”. In the letter that accompanies the publication, they “categorically” reject the gift that the club has offered them and ask for “lupon resignation of the president, Anil Murthy”. On January 19, the Peña ’18 de Marzo ‘from Madrid, also published a twitter thread explaining its rejection: “If they think they can buy from us, they are very wrong. The treatment of Agupació, the fans and the team make us keep asking for his departure. ” In addition, they published the letter that the club sent them and that accompanied the gift.

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Likewise, the Supporters Clubs Association itself, published a few days ago open letter to the fans in which he expressed “his deep rejection of the letter received from the club by a large part of the clubs of our group”. In addition, he assures that he has never been a filter when organizing trips that they have been taking for 40 years. They also state that “They expressed their criticism of the club’s management, which will not change for a gift and a letter of intent”. Finally, they insist that “the only detail that the supporters’ groups want is for Meriton to stop being the maximum shareholder and for Valencia to recover its club.”

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