Kostas Manolas received the shock of his life when he was introduced by his new team, Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates, next to a lion that roared at him a few meters away

The Greek soccer player Kostas Manolas, a former Roma and Napoli player, was scared to death by posing next to a lion in his presentation with Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates , the Hellenic player’s new club where as soon as he arrived he shows that he is close to live extreme experiences in their new and exotic destination.

And it is that according to the El Comercio portal , the Emirati team decided to have an unprecedented presentation, and thus show off its new signing, Kostas Manolas , a footballer with great experience in Europe. For this, the Arab team could not think of a better idea than to pose the Greek soccer player next to a lion, the video quickly went viral through social networks where Manolas’s impact face was shown , who surely received the scare of his life.

The calm for Kostas Manolas

The 31-year-old defender was terrified at the moment when the lion roared, then he got up and tripped over some yellow ribbons that was surely part of the scene that the press department of the Sharjah team from the United Arab Emirates wanted to handle. .

The Greek soccer player tried to escape, however he was calmed down by the production team and what is supposed to be experts in dealing with this type of wild cat.

Reactions on social networks

The video of Kostas Manolas received multiple comments on social networks , many of which were opposed to this practice because they considered that the lives of the footballer and those present at said presentation were put at risk.

There is no doubt that this presentation in the United Arab Emirates will be something that Kostas Manolas will hardly forget in his career as a footballer.

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