The 2022 Road Tourism Championship (TC) has been disputed for nine dates. The last one, this Sunday at the El Villicum circuit, in San Juan, where the victory went to José Manuel Urcera (Torino), who got into third place in the general table with 252 units, ahead of Andrés Jakos ( Toyota) and Marcos Landa (Turin). Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet), who finished 25th, remains the championship leader with 293.5 points. Behind, closer and closer, appears Santiago Mangoni (Chevrolet), who finished 11th, with 283 units.

  • The leader, Canapino, won three of the seven finals that have taken place so far (in Concepción del Uruguay, Toay and Rafaela) and was third in Neuquén and Concordia.
  • Mangoni prevailed in Termas de Río Hondo and got on the podium in Concepción del Uruguay and Toay -in both tests he came second-.
  • Urcera won his first date, an exclusive requirement to win the championship.
  • Mauricio Lambiris (Ford), who finished in 17th place, is the only one of the four tournament leaders who has not yet won or been on the podium. However, he fights with those ahead because of his regularity: he was fifth in Viedma after taking pole position; seventh in Neuquén; fourth in Concepción del Uruguay; ninth in Toay; 12th in Termas de Río Hondo; sixth in Rafaela and eighth in Concordia.
  • The last two-time champion of the TC, Mariano Werner (Ford) is eighth with 210 points and no wins.
  • The last day of the regular stage of the most traditional car racing championship in the country will be on August 28 in Paraná, Entre Ríos.

The Gold Cup will begin on the eleventh day, in which the best twelve drivers in the standings will qualify until the tenth race and will be reordered in another classification taking into account the points scored in the last five races. After date 14, the three best motorists in the general position table, without taking into account the 12 who are in the Gold Cup, will enter it as “last minute” and with chances of being champion in the last test.

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