The journey through the Port of Barcelona reaches its 113th edition with the participation of the favorites and last winners, Guillem Pujol and Laura Rodríguez.

The Nadal Swimming Cup, the crossing that takes place in the Port of Barcelona every December 25, may also mean another test of the cotton of climate change. This edition, the 113th, commemorates the 60th anniversary of the edition held in 1962, remembered for the great snowfall that fell in Barcelona that day, which marked the competition. To celebrate, the presentation ceremony that took place on Thursday was attended by four participants from that race: Erich Herbolzheimer (who was the winner), Jordi Casas, Carles Moner and Eduard Arruga. Snow is not expected this Sunday. Not much less. Temperatures in Barcelona are close to 20 degrees.

Apart from this tribute, the test has 389 registered, the second best participation. In the female category, the record has been obtained with 129 swimmers. Among the participants is the international Guillem Pujol, from CN Mataró, who holds the record with eight consecutive victories. Laura Rodríguez, from CN Barcelona, who has won the last four editions, will also be there. Ramón Tresens will continue in the race, who will once again be the oldest participant, at 91 years old.

The 200-meter journey always leaves picturesque images, with swimmers dressed as Santa Claus and others in disguise. The water temperature is far from that of 1962. The Nadal Cup is still for the brave, but not so much.

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