Shaquille O’Neal uncovers all Harden’s miseries and calls him a liar

Shaquille O’Neal uncovers all Harden’s miseries and calls him a liar

NBA Dursimas criticizes the legendary NBA pvot to ‘La Barba’

The clubs from Shaquille O’Neal to Harden on TNT that sweep the NBA collected by the Pasin Basket website.

EThe galactic handover of James Harden of the Rockets to the Nets keep going. Everyone talks about what it might mean for the team of Brooklyn and speculates on the possibility that ‘La Barba’ is the differential factor so that they can fight for the ring. There are opinions for all tastes, and many of them very critical of Harden for his way of saying goodbye to Rockets with a humiliating message for his teammates and for the Texas franchise.

However, the pinin of one of the NBA’s most scathing analysts, Shaquille O’Neal, that now sits chair as a commentator in TNT. The legendary pvot, who never bites his tongue, got wet as he usually does and destroyed Harden, whom he came to call a liar, uncovering all his miseries openly. ‘La Barba’ came out very badly. “When James Harden says he gave everything for the city he lies “ O’Neal says. “To say these things you have to have a certain ‘reputation’ and have championships.”

It was only the beginning of his most ruthless criticism in which he blamed him for everything he asked for and what little he gave: “You asked Dwight Howard We gave it to you and it didn’t work. You asked Crhirs Paul and we gave it to you. You asked for shooters and you got them. You came to ask Westbrook, your friend for a long time, and we gave it to you. And it didn’t work either. So when you say you’ve given it all, I say no James“.

Shaquille even pull statistics to dismantle Harden: “In your last five games of playoffs you did a 41% on field goals, a 24% in triples, you gave 32 assists and you lost 27 balls“he said. Bloody numbers that should make his own blush Harden and that many times they are not taken into account in the analyzes that are made on it.

Even O ‘Neal He related an anecdote that happened with his father to extrapolate it to Harden’s performance: “You know, I used to be like him. I would come in and complain that nobody was doing anything, just like James Harden does. And my father, may he rest in peace, said to me: ‘And what the hell did you do?’ Nothing, like James Harden “.

And he continued destroying ‘La Barba’ for his lack of leadership: “When he most had to demonstrate, when he had to step forward, he didn’t. When you are ‘The Man’ and collect 34 million dollars you have a great responsibility. When it is time to shine, he has not shone. ”

And he even hinted that the hot potato is now Nets: “I know of people in Houston who have rejoiced in his departure. Now he has a super team. Now he has to win, if not be a failure “, said Shaquille defiantly to conclude his ruthless and argued criticism of Harden and everything that surrounds you.

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