Red Bull boss Christian Horner on Friday ruled out a takeover by Porsche, saying any partnership would have to be on the Formula One team’s terms.

The press has reported that talks between the sides have stalled over the difference between the control the Volkswagen-owned brand wanted and what Red Bull was willing to give.

Horner told Sky Sports television ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix that there was not much to report, but maintained that “any relationship with any manufacturer or partner would have to fit with Red Bull”.

“Red Bull has always been an independent team. It has been one of our strengths, it has been the backbone of what we have achieved and our ability to move quickly,” he added.

Volkswagen-owned Audi announced last week that it will build an engine in Germany and enter in 2026 with an existing team, which is likely to be Sauber, and F1 has been awaiting a decision from Porsche.

Red Bull, leader of the Constructors’ Championship, has created its own engine company, recruiting personnel from Mercedes and other companies.

Red Bull’s first engine hit the road shortly before the August shutdown and Horner made it clear that the team is prepared to go it alone.

“We are in good shape and time will tell if we embrace a partner in that program or if we stick with the current plan which is to continue on our own,” he said.

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