Players and Coaches will no longer have to wear face masks in the dugout or bullpen

The Rangers were able to relax covid-19 protocols on Monday after the team reached the 85% threshold for Level 1 vaccination and passed the two-week waiting period.

Among the significant changes are that the Rangers will no longer have to wear masks in the dugout or bullpen. The adjustment for the Texas team comes just as the Yankees arrive.

New York was one of the first teams to reach this 85% threshold, a number that half of major league clubs have yet to reach. However, over the past week, the Yankees have faced a series of groundbreaking COVID-19 infections in vaccinated players and staff.

“They are going through a big scare right now. I think we’re all learning from that, ”Rangers general manager Chris Young said.

“So while some of the protocols are relaxed in certain areas, in other areas we have to be very vigilant.” Several Rangers staff members received their last doses two weeks ago when the team was in Minnesota.

The team had to wait two weeks until 85% percent had received the vaccine to relax the protocols. Major League Baseball announced Friday that 12 teams had reached the point where they could loosen restrictions. He also said that there were four teams that were close.

The Rangers were one of those teams.

The Yankees have had nine Level 1 people test positive for COVID-19. All had been vaccinated and almost all have been asymptomatic. As a result, the games have not been postponed, but covid-19 positive people do not travel with the team.

“We’re not worried about the Yankees being in town and we certainly empathize with what’s going on,” Young said,

The manager added that there is nothing the Rangers have to do differently as a result of the outbreak with the Yankees. Young said he did not know exactly what percentage of Rangers players and personnel received the vaccine.

But it is enough to do the most normal things. Indoor dining is now allowed and there is more scope for family members to stay with players at touring games. Players and staff will only be screened twice a week, among other relaxed restrictions.

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