The 2022 Opening of the Liga MX has a winner and it was Pachuca after showing all their football in 180 minutes against a Toluca that had just eliminated the favorite by far, Club América by the minimum in the global

With the overall in their favor, Pachuca and Toluca arrived at the Hidalgo Stadium and after 90 minutes, the first of them showed his football and made it clear that he wanted to be champion of the 2022 Opening of the MX League. With the result 3-1 in their favor, the Tuzos were left with the aggregate 8-2, which helped them lift their seventh title in the history of Liga MX.

The scorers of the match were Víctor Guzmán, Nicolás Ibáñez and Gustavo Cabral for the champion team. On the other hand, and who opened the account, was Raúl ‘Dedos’ López the first to score in the duel that did not go as expected for Toluca.

After the first 21 minutes of the game, we saw how Raúl López received a pass from Carlos González and shot perfectly from the edge of the area to beat the goalkeeper in the lower right corner, which meant the 0-1 that he filled with hope to all the fans of the devils.

However, the tuzos did not lower their arms and at minute 40, the fans present were moved, after seeing how the referee used his whistle to rule a penalty after seeing how Romario Andrés Ibarra stopped the ball with his hand inside the area .

Then, after the VAR review, the game’s whistleblower, Escobedo González, continued with the idea of ​​the penalty in his head, so Nicolás Ibáñez prepared to kick from the white spot. However, his shot to the bottom left corner failed to get past the rival keeper.

With this blow, Pachuca kept trying and minutes later he got his reward. Víctor Alfonso Guzmán found a loose ball inside the area, after the goalkeeper’s rebound, and with a shot to the lower right corner he beat his rival who was covered by his defenders. As a result the score fell 1:1.

After this, the 22 players went to rest and after their return to the field, it was seen how Pachuca continued with its siege, something that also rewarded the team and Ibáñez himself. The player from Los Tuzos hit the ball in the area after a free kick from the right sector and fired a superb first shot for the right squad. The goalkeeper could not do anything and saw how the score was 2-1.

Then, at minute 71, the controversy came to the game again, as a sweep by Óscar Ortega caused the ball to hit the hand inside the area; After reviewing the VAR, the referee ruled a new penalty for Pachuca. At 74, defender Gustavo Cabral stretched the lead after eleven steps kicking the ball to Volpi’s left in a crawling way. Thus came the 3-1 of the match.

Then, with many dangerous plays for both teams, none of the elements could score more goals, in fact, at minute 89, it was seen that the staff present were already signing the trophy with the team that ended with a global in favor of 8-2 that went down in history and gave the seventh title to the Tuzos del Pachuca.

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