• The New York Yankees advanced to a new postseason in their history, after beating the Boston Red Sox five runs for four in a game that gave Josh Donaldson the opportunity to be the most valuable player with a hit to center field.

The most successful team in the history of Major League Baseball has already achieved its first marked step this season and that is the postseason advance. In addition, there was no better setting to achieve it than Yankee Stadium and against their eternal rival, the Boston Red Sox.

After a very disputed duel between the two ninths, the “Mulos del Bronx” were able to take advantage of an inning that had Josh Donaldson as the most valuable player, after giving the key hit to center field that brought the difference run and victory number 91 for those directed by Aaron Boone.

But that’s not all, they were also able to further strengthen their leadership in the East Division of the American League, which is giving them a new pennant in their history in Major League Baseball.

On the other hand, this was his 16th victory so far in 2022 where he left a rival on the field, thus becoming the sixth organization to reach this figure in the entire history of this sport; something that demonstrates the level of reaction capacity of New Yorkers.

Advancing to the postseason supposes a bit of tranquility for Aaron Boone and his boys, since in the second half they had experienced bad moments that many thought were going downhill in terms of their fight for the pennant and their pass to the next round. .

Finally, as it is the second best record in the American League, the New Yorkers are securing their presence in the Championship Series directly, as are the Houston Astros.

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