Thaddeus Young is not having an easy season in San Antonio. Despite the fact that it may seem like a comfortable destination, since the demand for results in the team is not high, for the veteran power forward such context is being a brake on his aspirations, which go through having as many minutes as possible on court.

The veteran power forward is enjoying exactly 15.6 minutes per game, a figure that is below any of the previous seasons, and is that even as a rookie in Philadelphia (2007-08) he went to 21 minutes – that is the minimum of his career.

With such data, it is not surprising that Young feels some frustration in the Spurs. His production is good with 7.3 points per shock, 59.6% from field goals and 3.6 rebounds. However, these figures do not serve to play more, since the organization is focused on developing their young values. This is expressed by the insiders of Texas in the Alex Kennedy podcast of Basketball News .

It is something super difficult. It is very difficult and frustrating at times, but I still end up understanding where this franchise is going and what is happening. Young people have to play, “he admits.

He is not without reason. It is the usual tonic in the NBA. A rebuilding team always chooses to give more space to young people, trusting that in such a way it will accelerate their growth. Last season we had extreme cases like Al Horford in Oklahoma City Thunder, where he literally stopped playing to leave the field for the young people of the team.

At 33, it remains to be seen if Young is just as understanding if the campaign continues and continues to play the same … or less. Perhaps you understand that it is best to separate from the Spurs and find another context (team) more favorable to your wishes. Have to wait.

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