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Gareth Bale’s situation at Tottenham remains difficult. The forward continues without starting in England as happened to him in Real Madrid in recent seasons. He doesn’t even have the consolation of his technician, Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese coach affirmed that he will not give him minutes if he does not deserve them. He said it at the press conference before tonight’s game against Wycombe of the FA Cup.

“I cannot give minutes to the players, minutes on the field is not something I can give away”, Mourinho began his explanation when asked about Bale. We all know the difficulties he had for a couple of seasons. We all know that he arrived injured, we all know that even this season he is a little up and down in little things. “

“The most important thing for him is to be consistent in training, at high intensity without any problem, and when a player is consistent in training then the player is ready, not to receive minutes but to gain minutes. This is something different “, he sentenced.

Bale has only 623 minutes so far this season, participating in only four Premier League games and one in the FA Cup. In the Europa League he has had more presence, with six games. In all this time he has never been able to complete 90 minutes.

Tonight, at 8:45 p.m., we will have doubts if Mou gives the title to Bale, something that seems complicated even if the game is not the most demanding of the season. In England they already ensure that Bale’s fate is back to Madrid, since the Spurs have decided not to renew his loan.

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