Top 5 Most Embarrassing First Pitches In MLB History

For many years, celebrities and other notable figures have marched onto baseball fields to attempt one of the most difficult 60-foot throws in all sporting history. A few have managed to beat the odds and accomplish this incredible feat, whereas others have failed their task miserably — much to the enjoyment of fans everywhere.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most poignant embarrassing first pitches in Major League Baseball (MLB) history where particular public figures cannot so easily get away from their first pitch mistake.

Whether you have a passing interest in watching and making bets on sports odds or are a life-long fan of MLB, these are some of the most embarrassing first pitches you need to know about.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen — Houston Astros vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 2013

This attempt at a first pitch by the “Call Me Maybe” singer was a complete failure from the second she stepped onto the field. Due to the singer holding onto the ball for far too long, it ended careening far to the left and also went straight into the ground.

Jepsen even managed to get the ball to bounce off a camera placed a considerable distance away and could have caused the ceremonial catcher for the Rays’ to pull a muscle.

All in all, it was a relatively impressive attempt, despite how terrible it truly was. So much so that footage from this first pitch attempt went viral almost immediately. There really is no escaping this kind of embarrassment!

2. 50 Cent — Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Mets, 2014

The popular rapper fooled everyone when he was tasked with spearheading a Mets home game against the Pirates. He put the baseball behind his back and ended up mimicking the actions of a professional pitcher, but it all went downhill soon after.

After the ball left 50 Cent’s hand during the pitch, it took a wide left turn and flew so far in that direction that many fans in the stand were left in complete disbelief. His physics-defying first pitch was completely harmless but stands out as one of those innately embarrassing throws that will never be lived down.

3. Steve Aoki — Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros, 2022

In terms of music, there’s no genre that this incredibly talented international DJ cannot tackle. As a baseball player, however, Steve Aoki lacks all of the key skills. So it may come as no surprise that his ceremonial first pitch is in the running for one of the worst of all time.

After showing off what looked to be a decent technique by warming up his left arm and toeing the rubber, he heaved a ball that soared over the catcher’s head, over the net, and into the midst of the amused crowd – at a height that not even the BFG would have been able to intercept.

Yes, he might have the ability to accurately throw a cake, but this game showed that he definitely cannot do the same with a baseball. 

Safe to say, Aoki will be staying far away from baseball fields in the future.

4. Baba Booey — Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Mets, 2009

Many celebrities have taken to the mound and made a fool out of themselves attempting to throw a pitch. But there is only one throw that has been so terrible that it managed to hit the umpire on the fly, despite them standing several feet from the home plate.

The culprit? Gary Dell’Abate (also called Baba Booey).

Baba Booey is widely known for his role as the right-hand man and executive producer on The Howard Stern Show. During this game, he donned a Mets uniform for this abysmal throw and tossed the ball in what is now known as one of the worst first pitches in MLB history.

The throw was so unthreatening that the home plate umpire had the scope to try and pluck it from mid-air. It’s no wonder it has made its way firmly onto this list. 

5. Anthony Fauci — New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals, 2020

Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the president, is an intelligent man who is the country’s leading infectious disease expert. However, when it came to taking the mound to perform pitch surgery, a challenge was presented that the doctor just couldn’t overcome.

Sporting a mask, Fauci’s throw went straight toward the first base line and then out of bounds. A lot out of bounds. Though the doctor gave it his best shot the delivery of the ball ended up being way off the mark.

It’s no wonder Fauci made headlines for this embarrassing pitch!


From rappers to well-respected doctors and professional baseball players themselves, nobody is truly immune to the embarrassment of a bad throw on a baseball field. 

Many of these embarrassing first pitches remain firmly planted in MLB history for all the wrong reasons. While some throws barely made a mark in terms of the distance they traveled, others sailed far above where they should have —ending up amongst fans in the stand.

Melissa Galbraith
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