The Chivas de Guadalajara soccer player questioned the “bastard pessimism” about the Mexican National Team, but believes that in the midst of this hostile climate they can pass the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup undefeated

The Mexican National Team faces the last details before starting the World Cup. Gerardo Martino’s team will play a couple of friendly matches against Peru and Colombia to fine-tune details for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Despite the strong criticism of El Tri, Alexis Vega believes that they can have a great participation in the tournament.

The team led by “Tata” has not had great results in their last friendly matches. But Alexis Vega considers that the players have been the only ones responsible for the low level and considers that they are capable of reversing it.

“We know that we are going through a very bastard pessimism with all our fans, but hey, that will be left behind. We are focused, closing ranks, we know that the only ones responsible are us and we are going to work; just as people don’t expect anything in return, I’m sure we’re going to give a blow of authority. I am one hundred percent confident in my coaching staff, in my teammates and I am sure that we are going to give a lot of joy”, explained Vega in an interview with El Escorpión Dorado.

Mexico unstoppable in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

The Mexican National Team is located in group C of the World Cup together with the teams of Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland. Although it is not an easy group, Alexis Vega sees each of the duels with great optimism and considers that El Tri is capable of winning them all.

“It would be a very big dream to be in the fifth game, break that malaria and then be able to continue later and I think that to reach the fifth game we are psyched up in the first game against Poland, to get through I think it is the most important game. (I see myself winning) 3-1, against Argentina I feel that if there is no draw we will win 1-0. Let’s see, it’s what I feel, from my point of view. (And against Arabia) 2-0 we are going to stay“, predicted the Mexican.

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