Mekel, Three Months off due to the effects of covid-19

Mekel, three months off due to the effects of covid-19

ACB Liga Endesa You have suffered a pulmonary thromboembolism derived from the coronavirus

Gal Mekel in a Unicaja match of the Endesa League.
ACB Photo.

Mgreat news for Gal Mekel and for him Unicaja. The Israeli guard, who was already on leave due to a wrist injury until February, has suffered a pulmonary thromboembolism, derived from covid-19 what happened. This complication has caused sequelae that require, as reported by the Malaga club, a medical treatment for three months. During that time, you will not be able to carry out physical efforts of the intensity that professional basketball requires.

The player himself wanted to reassure the fans with the following message: “Unfortunately, I’m going to miss a little more time this season.. I have had bad luck, first with the hand, then with the coronavirus and unfortunately now I have had some complications with a blood clot in my lung, as a result of the coronavirus itself.

I feel good now, recovering and starting to work a little, but this problem needs treatment for several months so that the clot disappears and I can fully recover. My hopeful goal is to help the team again in the latter part of the season.

I feel really bad, sad and disappointed that I have not been able to help the team, especially in this last tough period that we have been through. But on the other hand, glad to have gotten over this situation that could have been much worse. The most important thing is that I feel better, and little by little I begin to feel like myself and wanting to return to the field with the Unicaja jersey to make sure we finish this season strong. ”

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