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Globe Live Media, Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Alcoyano goalkeeper José Juan Figueiras assured that it has been “the week with the most interviews” of his life after eliminating Real Madrid in the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey and explained that he continues to “enjoy” everything they have experienced these days, in addition to revealing the recipe to win against Athletic and play the quarterfinals, it is “illusion and moral”.

“It has been the week that more interviews have been done to me in my life, what can change with a football match! It’s amazing but I get along very well, I’m very happy and delighted to serve everyone. The truth is that I’m really enjoying these moments,” said José Juan in an interview with Globe Live Media.

The 42-year-old goalkeeper just turned 42, was one of the architects of Alcoyano’s triumph, who appealed to his epic to knock Real Madrid down in extra time and with one less player. The feat has revalued the figure of a goalkeeper who has lived through everything in the world of football.

“It is clear that what I experienced against Madrid remains forever, I would put it among the three photographs of my sports career together with the promotions – with Elche and Granada – and the debut in the First Division with Celta de Vigo. It is a moment that does not we will never forget in Alcoy,” he added.

The Galician goalkeeper revealed that the yellow shirt he used in the match against Zinédine Zidane’s team is kept like a treasure. “The shirt of the game against Real Madrid I keep for myself. I have it well kept. Everyone is asking for that but it is a great memory and I prefer it to be that way. I also took Courtois’s, we talked to Madrid before the game to choose them and I chose his, “added José Juan.

Despite the success of the Alicante club, José Juan said that “it cannot be compared to a title.” “They are different things, I think it is not comparable. It is an incredible feeling to eliminate an entire Real Madrid in the Cup being a Second B team, but it cannot be compared. A title is a title,” he said.

On other issues, the Lugo goalkeeper stressed that he has always considered himself a “worker of the world”, and that his values ​​are those of his parents. “I have values ​​that my parents have transmitted to me, education and respect, that is my motto, and so I try to instill it in my two children. Educate them as my parents educated me,” he confessed.


In relation to this Thursday’s game against Athletic Club, which has been living rosy days since the arrival of Marcelino García Toral to the bench, José Juan has no doubts about the difficulty of the company, but he hopes to be able to re-sign a new ‘alcoyonazo’.

“We know that we are facing a great rival, a team that is in a very good moment and that comes from scoring and winning the Super Cup. But we face the tie with great enthusiasm, we are clear that it will be a difficult game but we will have our options. We face it with morality, with enthusiasm and in the best way,” he said.

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