Jonny Bairstow is in top form and after scoring another hundred against New Zealand. Jonny Bairstow said that this is how he is capable of playing. The right-handed batsman rescued the team from him with a brilliant hundred after Trent Boult left them reeling on 55-for-6 in the third Test match.

Jonny Bairstow is batting brilliantly in the ongoing Test series against New Zealand. The English batsman smashed another hundred against the visitors to rescue the team from him after trent boult rocked the English batsmen and left them reeling at 55/6. The right-handed batsman took matters into his own hands and made sure to stay in the crease to piece together the English innings. By the end of day two play, Jonny Bairstow had hit 130 from just 126 balls, which shows the kind of shape he is in.

After the play of the day was over, the batsman spoke about his performance. He said that this is the way he is able to play and he is more relaxed when he is in the box.

“This is the way I’ve always been able to play. I guess it’s your personality that’s coming out. It’s just a more relaxed me in the crease, I’m not necessarily that uptight,” he said while addressing the media after the match. game of the day

Jonny Bairstow further explained how he has returned to where he was looking at the ball as he did when he was young.

“I went back to young Jonny, where I watch the ball and I see the ball. Sometimes a lot of rubbish is said about a lot of different things, sometimes it gets into your mind and messes it up. I have to listen to the people I care about and right now I’m doing it. The most important thing is that I be me,” he added.

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