Sergio Pérez was the leader practically from end to end and maintained the lead throughout the circuit until obtaining the fair prize of first place at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Mexican pilot came out in second place, but from the beginning he overtook Charles Leclerc and positioned himself as the leader during the 58 laps that the race lasted, since it ended by time and not by the 61 laps agreed at the start, since the bad weather caused the competition to be delayed by about an hour and six pilots will abandon due to impacts with the warning barriers.

Sergio Perez dominated the circuit from the beginning, although on four occasions he lost advantage due to the safety cars, but at no time did he relinquish the leadership, despite the fact that Leclerc, his closest pursuer, pushed hard and tried to pass him on several occasions.

Finally, upon reaching the finish line, the Aztec beat Charles Leclerc by 7 seconds and Carlos Sainz by 15, both from Ferrari, who came in second and third place, respectively. Checo’s teammate Max Verstappen came in seventh place.

That was my best performance. The last three laps were very intense. I gave it all for today’s victory”, confessed Pérez after the race.

Despite the result, Max Verstappen remains the leader in the 2022 Formula 1 season, followed by Charles Leclerc and, in third place, hot on his heels, continues Checo Pérez, with 341, 237 and 235 points, respectively.

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