Fight for the Champions League: Levante does not fail after the Real Madrid draw

Fight for the Champions League: Levante does not fail after the Real Madrid draw

Levante does not take its eyes off its European objective. The Granota team beat Real Sociedad with authority (3-2), in a match that came back twice through Esther, Zornoza and Alba Redondo after a double by Nahikari for the Donostiarras. The Valencian women thus endure the pulse for the Champions League and take an advantage over Real Madrid.

A situation that the Madrid team itself facilitated, who drew against Sevilla (1-1, with goals from Lucía Ramírez and Lorena Navarro). The Seville wall prevented Real Madrid from taking another blow to increase their advantage in the Champions League. White wasted the opportunity to put land in the middle with Madrid CFF, which equals him on points with one more game, and Atlético, which lost to Santa Teresa and gains oxygen with this result at Jesús Navas. Despite this, the draw is worth the madridistas to keep their place in Europe.

Levante take advantage of Real Madrid’s puncture

A great game was presented in Buñol in its preview and in its course. Levante and Real Sociedad signed on the green a great football show, which started for the visiting team. The San Sebastian went ahead on the scoreboard through Nahikari, after a bad ball out from Levante.

A hard blow from which the granota square was raised with a great goal from the national top scorer, Esther González. The Andalusian forward signed a great match, in which her team returned to row against the current for a new goal from Nahikari. Again a defensive failure gave way to Urnieta’s forward overtaking Real in the light. His double was a declaration of level, just on the day that his name does not appear in the call with the Selection.

Levante would rise again and this time it would do it permanently. Zornoza, with a goal in which he was helped by a rebound from a rival, equalized the contest, and Alba Redondo left the victory at home after a great performance by Eva Navarro. The three points have double value for the Valencian women, who settle in second place.

Summary of Levante 3-2 Real Sociedad

Levante: María, Rocío, Toletti, Banini (M. Méndez, 76 ‘), Redondo, Zornoza, Alharilla, Eva Navarro (Andonova, 76’), Esther, Paula Tomás (Jucinara, 54 ‘) and Cometti.

Real society: A. Nanclares, Lucía (Itxaso, 82 ‘), Etxezarreta, Tejada, Nuria R., Maitane, Palacios (Amaiur, 82’), Bárbara (L. Baños, 63 ‘), N. Eizagirre (Cecilia, 71’) , Franssi and Nahikari.

Goals: 0-1 (13 ‘): Nahikari. 1-1 (22 ‘): Esther. 1-2 (24 ‘): Nahikari. 2-2 (29 ‘): Zornoza. 3-2 (66 ‘): Round.

Referee: Díaz García (Canary Islands). He admonished Eizagirre (27 ‘), Alba Redondo (72’) and María Méndez (70 ‘).

The Real Madrid does not happen of the tie in Seville

The Madrid team arrived in the capital of Seville with the sensitive loss of Asllani. The Swede, who scored an epic hat-trick last round, fell off the list due to a broken nose and left a big hole in the Whites attack. A void that the young Lorena Navarro had to fill and covered with category, to which the pressure to occupy the site of the Swedish crack could not him.

The Spanish forward proved his worth within minutes (6) of jumping onto the pitch, with a goal that overtook Real Madrid in the bright. The Madrid attacker used an error in Aivi’s defense to send the ball to the net after a cross from Teresa Abelleira from the edge.

Both teams risked in the early stages of the game, with Madrid becoming more comfortable after the 0-1. Toro did not let his players relax, with energetic indications from the Sevilla bench. Thus, the Argentine coach gave encouragement to his pupils, who accelerated and reacted with several occasions and the tying goal.

Sevilla’s danger came mainly from set pieces, a strategy play that left the tables on the scoreboard at half-time. Was Lucía Ramírez, who was in charge of raising her team from the early Real Madrid coup. The one from Morón de la Frontera finished off with his head in a defensive tangle and put it where little or nothing could do Mass.

A new game started. A meeting that relaxed and gave Sevilla confidence, while Madrid demanded a stop in time to reset ideas. White dominated the first half in a sterile way, without materializing his offense on great occasions. And, the pass through the changing rooms was good for Aznar’s team. The Madrid team came out with one more march than the locals, who successfully stopped the continuous approaches in the Noelia Ramos area.

The madridistas also suffered, although less frequently, who was hurt by an enlightened and effective Claudia Pina. The player on loan from Barça at Sevilla won the battle in the center of the field on several occasions to distribute play to the wings, with Payne, Armegol and Coleman, who replaced the second in order to give air to the Andalusian attack.

Neither the locals nor the visitors found space, with a great weight of dangerous plays in the latter. Real Madrid besieged the Sevilla area in sections, very well escorted back. The Andalusians resisted before the rain on occasions in their area and managed to save a very valuable point, which leaves them in a very comfortable area of ​​the table. The point was not all bad for Madrid, that he did not know how to kill a game in which he was superior and in which he smashed against a great wall of Seville.

Summary of Sevilla 1-1 Real Madrid

Sevilla: Noelia R .; Lucía, Nago C. (Echeverri, 81 ‘), Carla Armengol (Coleman, 66’), Claudia Pina (Maite, 87 ‘), Virgy (Raquel Pinel, 87’), Payne (I. Gabarro, 81 ‘), Aivi , Karlernas, Toro and Almudena.

Real Madrid: Mass; Kenti, Peter, Ivana, Olga Carmona; Kaci, Maite Oroz (Claudia D, 90 ‘), Teresa Abelleira (Corredera, 62’); Cardona (Ari, 90 ‘), Lorena Navarro (J. Martínez, 62’) and Jakobsson.

Goals: 0-1 (6 ‘): Lorena Navarro. 1-1 (28 ‘): Lucía Ramírez.

Referee: Fernández Ceferino (Asturias). He admonished Noelia Ramos (77 ‘), Toro (78’).

Incidents: Jesús Navas Stadium. A minute was saved for Pachín, a former Real Madrid player. No public due to the pandemic.

Day 20 of the Primera Iberdrola

Depor 0-0 Eibar

Madrid CFF 1-0 Athletic

Sp.Huelva 1-0 Rayo Vallecano

Athletic 0-1 Santa Teresa

Valencia 3-2 Logroño

Barça 6-0 Betis

Sevilla 1-1 Real Madrid

Levante 3-2 Real Sociedad

Espanyol – Granadilla – Postponed

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