David de Gea , in addition to being a great starting goalkeeper for teams such as the Spanish national team and Manchester United, is also a strong fan of eSports .

This led him to found, in 2021, his own club, Rebels Gaming , based in Valdebebas, Madrid. All with the aim of providing an entertainment service through its content and streamers relevant in the sector.

The club has a team of professionals in various disciplines: sports strategy and tactics, marketing, content generation, entertainment and business development.

In addition to a sports staff of six starting players plus two substitutes, Rebels Gaming also employs coaches, physiotherapists and sports psychologists. And it focuses on three different games: League of Legends, Valorant, and Rainbow 6.

Now, a few months after its foundation, the team is already aiming for a not insignificant upgrade, wanting to go beyond the Spanish borders and push itself towards international visibility .

The “Rebels” have in fact begun talks with clubs and sports clubs to have a presence in the European League of Legends Champions League (LEC) and expand outside the Iberian market.

“It is one of the options that we have begun to consider to continue growing in brand and competitiveness ,” explains J osé Luis Sanz , CEO of Rebels Gaming, to Palco23.

To concretely pursue this goal, the opening of offices in foreign countries such as France and Germany, nerve centers of the sector in the Old Continent, is not excluded.

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