Manchester United cannot find the right path in football and dropped points against Frank Lampard’s Everton as a visitor. An early goal from Anthony Gordon left Ragnick’s team unanswered and he ended up losing all three points against a lower-place team.

In the 27th minute, a play on the counterattack left Manchester United in a bad way, and when clearing the first play a rebound was left at the feet of “Flash” Gordon, who shot from a distance and the ball crashed into the humanity of Harry Maguire, completely deflecting the ball that ended up hitting the goal guarded by David De Gea.

From there began the act of rowing from behind by the Red Devils, who could not worry Jordan Pickford beyond one or another isolated shot from the attackers and a dangerous chance from Cristiano Ronaldo in the final minutes. Everton became strong in defense and knew how to keep the ball when they had to, in order to win at home and add three points that take them a bit out of the relegation zone.

For its part, United’s form seems increasingly worrying and it is slowly moving away from the UEFA Champions League qualifying zone.

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