Las Águilas del América closed a great regular phase of the Liga MX Opening Tournament 2022being absolute leaders of the classification table, however, within the azulcrema fans there are sectors that still remember the bad times and some players who -in their opinion- have not measured up properly for the weight of the institution.

One of those pointed out by the demanding fans of the capital is the central defender Bruno Valdez. With Santiago Solari on the bench last Clausura 2022, the Paraguayan was one of the club’s weaknesses, along with veteran Miguel Layun. Both went on to warm up the bench with the arrival of Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz and have also given good performances in the last tournament, but the fans seem not to forget.

Bruno Valdez turned 30 this October 6 and through social networks a minority group of fans took the opportunity to rant about his soccer level and attack him personally in the happy birthday publication that Club América dedicated to him on Twitter.

Despite this, there were other positive comments such as “Happy birthday Bruno! Have a great time and let the 14th come as a gift !!!” or also those who invited to remember what the defender has done in the past: “They soon forget what he has left to the institution.”

While America rests waiting for a rival in the league, Liga MX does not stop and this weekend the qualifier will be played to get into that final stage of Apertura 2022.

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